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A Long-awaited Thaw

The Hollow Oak Book III
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 Is anyone really born evil? What about your worst enemy, someone who has only caused you pain and suffering? If your mortal enemy needed your help, how far would you go to help them? These are the questions Dizzy, Kyle, and Scarlett, along with the animals at the Haven grapple with this winter in Oak Hollow. When Morag and his rats are captured for scientific experiments, our heroes, both human and animal, decide whether or not to risk their lives to rescue them. After all, as Willow, the old blind mouse says, there’s only two ways to deal with a mortal enemy. You either have to be prepared to kill every last one of them, or you  try to turn them into something else. Perhaps a friend?


A Season of Shattered Cycles

The Hollow Oak Book II
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Fall has come to Oak Hollow, Pennsylvania, and Dizzy and Kyle are eager to revisit their animal friends at the Haven.  Their trip through the Hollow Oak is complicated when they are followed by an angry Troy MacNamara, looking for a way to get even with Kyle after their earlier fight at the swimming pool. Meanwhile, a band of rats travel the woods with a deadly container, looking for their own revenge against the town of Oak Hollow. Can Dizzy and Kyle, with their friends from the Haven, stop the rats before everyone in their town is killed? Or will the cycle of revenge and anger continue in spite of their best efforts? Perhaps something besides swords and arrows is needed. 

The Tunnel Through The Trees

The Hollow Oak Book 1
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Dizzy Vasquez has always had a hard time fitting into everyone else’s definition of “normal.” New to the town of Oak Hollow, Dizzy can see her tomboy looks and fascination with fantasy causing her to once again be the target of jokes and bullying from her new classmates when school starts in the fall. When Dizzy and her new neighbor, Kyle, follow the town drunk into the woods one night, they find themselves shrunk to the size of mice. Befriended by a young fellow-misfit mouse, the friends must discover the fate of a missing girl, help a community of animals fight off a horde of attacking rats, and rescue Dizzy’s sister from the tyrannical Rat Witch. They also need to decide if the power that brought them there, the mystical Hollow Oak, is truly a chance for them to live one of the fantasy adventures they’ve always read about; or if it is just a cunning trap that has lured them to their doom!

The Tunnel Through the Trees is the first installment of The Hollow Oak series.


Strong Work

Struggles and Opportunities in Illness and Recovery
Available on Amazon
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My Story

Before writing Strong Work I worked with at-risk youth and as an elementary school teacher. Since my illness in 2016, I have been speaking to raise awareness of the issues faced by those recovering from severe brain injury, as well as diligently writing fantasy novels for young readers. 






Be on the lookout for the next two installments of John's fantasy tetralogy

Hollow Oak

Book IV

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